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TrendMedium add-on for MetaStock

TrendMedium is a trading system for stocks and Forex which works as an add-on for Equis MetaStock
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3 February 2009

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TrendMedium add-on for MetaStock 2.50 is trading system program which operates as an add-on for Equis MetaStock, comes in handy to calculate the simulations of the current situations making use of the historical data and provides models as open systems which are easy to understand. TrendMedium operates on the basis of a genetic search algorithm. This algorithm is made of use to create ‘open ephemeral models’ that delineates the present stock movements and performances in a perfect manner. The feature Internal Walk Forward Test helps you to find the best models and training strategies that are proven to work in real life. TrendMedium operates with stock and Forex data and demands an Equis MetaStock version 7 or higher for its functioning. The user friendly interfaces and the advanced features allow you to have a better understanding about the latest information.

Publisher's description

TrendMedium - is a trading system program which works as an add-on for Equis MetaStock. The program analyzes the past history of tickers to build profiles of the movements. It computes simulations of the current situations using only historical data, and presents models as open systems that you can inspect and understand.
The basis of the TrendMedium core is a revolutionary genetic search algorithm to create "open ephemeral models" that describes the current stock movements and performances. Using that algorithm TrendMedium searches a huge catalogue (3,433,683,820,292,512,484,657,849,089,281) of possible models for the models that fits the states of the stock in the conditions of the stock market right now. It models the tickers during or after the close of trading, and uses these models in subsequent trades. This allows you to be armed with the best information to be able to make decisions that will deliver profit to your bottom line.
Internal Walk Forward Test feature helps to find the best performing models and trading strategies that will work the same way in real life. All data after the test starting day are deleted from the system. As the test going on, the data are added day by day. The test performance truly reflects the one in real life trading with the same settings.
The generated short lived models are exported to MetaStock and work just like other system components do, meaning you can get started quickly and easily. TrendMedium integrates into MetaStock as an Expert Advisor, System Tester, Indicator Builder and Explorer.
TrendMedium is a completely open system based on modern math theory: it shows the calculations and formulas it has created and allows inspecting and modifying these if it's need to. TrendMedium is the result of seven years of research and practical experience gained by the authors in a professional trading capacity as licensed Traders.
TrendMedium works with stock and Forex data and requires Equis MetaStock version 7 or higher.
TrendMedium add-on for MetaStock
TrendMedium add-on for MetaStock
Version 2.75
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